A Japanese Adventure!

I have just returned from an amazing adventure to Japan. I tried some delicious food, saw some lovely sights and met wonderful people. There was so much to take in and as much as I could write about it all day I’d rather show you in photos.

First stop was Tokyo! We jumped off the plane and dumped our bags before heading for Akihabara and the Shibuya districts.

IMG_6630 IMG_6507IMG_6692



I have always loved Japanese culture, style and food and I have to say Tokyo did not disappoint.

After two days in Tokyo we headed towards Joetsu and then on to Kyoto. We visited Nara and the stunning Todaiji temple and entrance gate.Todaiji was once one of the seven great Temples and houses the worlds largest bronze statue of Buddha. Wild deer are abundant in the grounds and have become one of the main attractions. They crowd the shika senbei stalls, a deer biscuit that if you purchase you will soon be every deers best friend.

IMG_6899 IMG_6955 IMG_6990 IMG_7051 IMG_7053 IMG_7365 IMG_7838 IMG_7824  IMG_7812IMG_7594 IMG_7542 IMG_7453 IMG_7376 IMG_7750 IMG_7725 IMG_7719 IMG_7707 IMG_7791

IMG_7786 IMG_7755

The temples were beautiful, rich in colour and heritage. Each time we visited a temple or passed a shrine we paid our respects and it was a very peaceful experience.

IMG_7675 IMG_7081 IMG_7087 IMG_7112 IMG_7784 IMG_7550 IMG_6913  IMG_6729IMG_6901 IMG_6908 IMG_7044 IMG_7068 IMG_7083

Then it was on to Fushimi Inari Taisha, the Fox temple sits at the base of a mountain called Inari. We walked the 2 hour trail up the mountain through a tunnel of Torii gates. This shrine is said to have around 32,000 sub shrines.


IMG_8264 IMG_8245 IMG_8244 IMG_8247 IMG_8255 IMG_8297 IMG_8296 IMG_8305

IMG_7908 IMG_7906 IMG_7929 IMG_7931IMG_7918IMG_7946



These wonderful objects in the photos below can also be found at the fox shrine. These are all wishes and hopes that people leave at the temple praying for good luck. The colourful streams of paper are all origami cranes. Each stream has 1000 cranes, it is said that if you make 1000 like this then you are granted a wish.


IMG_7896IMG_7899IMG_7900These are just a taster of the wonderful places I visited whilst I was out there. I loved everything about it and hoping to head out there again and explore all the bits I didn’t have time to see. Japan really made an impact on me through its food, culture and general way of life. I encourage everyone to look into traveling there at some point in their life.


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  2. Stunning photos!!
    Great post!

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