A Trip to Aldeburgh

Since I moved to Suffolk I have wanted to visit here. Aldeburgh is a gorgeous seaside village with a beautiful shingle beach where fresh fish are caught and sold daily. We couldn’t help but pick up some smoked mackerel and herring whilst we were there. Aldeburgh means ‘old fort’ and used to be have a flourishing ship building industry where Sir Francis Drake had two of his ships built. Now it is a popular seaside destination and I can see why, full of colourful houses, cafes and fish and chip shops. Despite the weather being mostly cloudy it was still a gorgeous day and I couldn’t resist a quick paddle in the sea.

IMG_9488-2 IMG_9419 IMG_9471 IMG_9417

IMG_9392 IMG_9409-2 IMG_9402-3 IMG_9391IMG_9368  IMG_9377

IMG_9253 IMG_9262 IMG_9263 IMG_9381 IMG_9390 IMG_9264 IMG_9369 IMG_9299 IMG_9303 IMG_9314-2 IMG_9325 IMG_9366 IMG_9360 IMG_9265

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