Pumpkins and Picnics

We are well and truly into autumn and the cooler weather is creeping in. Last week I headed back to Hayling Island to spend some time with my family. My Mum and I decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather and planned a trip to Lulworth cove in Dorset.

Whilst on Hayling we paid a visit to our local farm shop to pick up the perfect pumpkin as well as a few other bits and bobs. I spent the rest of the week enjoying lots of beach walks and hot chocolates.


IMG_1219 IMG_1226  IMG_1234 IMG_1240IMG_1223


IMG_1652 IMG_1633 IMG_1616

IMG_1392 IMG_1333 IMG_1328 IMG_1386-2 IMG_1362 IMG_1340IMG_1334 IMG_1338IMG_1361 IMG_1368-4  IMG_1393-2

IMG_1450  IMG_1441IMG_1445 IMG_1448  IMG_1425IMG_1443 IMG_1404

IMG_1675 IMG_1756 IMG_1719 IMG_1751

IMG_1687 IMG_1733



IMG_1780 IMG_1850 IMG_1802 IMG_1793 IMG_1801 IMG_1786 IMG_1782 IMG_1790 IMG_1775-2 IMG_1827 IMG_1796IMG_1807 IMG_1817 IMG_1826 IMG_1833


IMG_1864 IMG_1870 IMG_1899 IMG_1884 IMG_1867 IMG_1886 IMG_1911 IMG_1916


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  1. I want to visit the place you took all of these photos!


  2. so colorful and beautiful 🙂

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