The Land of the Vikings – Engagement

On May 3rd I had a suitcase packed for a week away in Devon with my boyfriend. However as we drove closer and closer to the airport I guessed something was up. As we pulled up he brought out a second suitcase that he had pre-packed and with a grin on his face handed me my passport and plane ticket. I couldn’t believe it we were going to Norway and I had had no idea!


We flew to Bergen and if I wasn’t excited enough already I found out that we were heading to the fjords. It was a 3 hour drive to the little village of Ortnevik where we stayed. It was a beautiful drive through mountains, tunnels and fjords. Stunning waterfalls and quaint colourful villages dotted the landscape. It was a very surreal experience as we drove through forests having to break every now and then for herds of reindeer.



We stayed in a very old fashioned, cosy and beautiful farm house that sat right on the edge of the Sognefjord. The view was breathtaking, we were surrounded by forests, mountains and waterfalls. The village was tiny, the only time we saw other people was when we went to the local shop to pick up our food for the week.


After a good nights sleep we had breakfast and left the house at first light and headed straight for the mountains. We found the advanced hiking route up the mountain side that had been mentioned to us by the local farmer we were renting from. The route was laid out by a blue mark on a tree or rock that you had to find and head towards, due to being in between seasons trees had fallen across the route and a few landslides had shifted some of the rocks. The views were gorgeous and it was very surreal only hearing the waterfalls and surrounding nature (oh and the occasional small rock slide caused by a mountain goat). It was a very steep hike and at some points I was using my hands to climb the boulders and trees. Due to the route being very wet as we progressed upwards we decided to venture back down as slipping and loosing our footing became more and more frequent.


We headed back for a quick lunch having been out for a 6 hour hike before gathering our rucksacks and heading straight back out again. This time we headed along the fjord and followed the water.


I really had no idea about what was to come next. I was already on a high due to visiting Norway, somewhere I have always wanted to explore. However after walking to the top of the trail we were both blown away by the view of the fjord. It was beautiful, seals and porpoises could be seen popping up from the water. This was when Adam took me by complete surprise and asked me to marry him!! I was speechless, we have been together 6 years and I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to have this type of proposal. After taking a while to calm down and wipe away the tears he pointed out that I hadn’t given him an answer yet. Which of course was quickly followed by a yes! He pulled a couple of beers out of his rucksack and we toasted to our engagement next to a waterfall over looking the fjord.


For the rest of the holiday we both had huge smiles on our faces as we continued to explore the fjord. We came across an amazing waterfall that look as if it can come straight out of a story book.


Soon came the time that we had to return home. We savored every bit of the journey as we headed back to Bergen and stopped for a last few photos. Needless to say I am over the moon, best holiday ever…….


Now to plan a wedding!!



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