Your Shoot

From Weddings to modelling Portfolios, I love shooting. As you have probably seen from my site I have a very natural and unobtrusive approach to my photography. I like to take natural photos and catch great moments.

Getting to know you

When it comes to your wedding, it is important for us to meet up, chat and get to know each other before hand. This day is about you and I want to capture your personalities coming through in these wonderful moments. I will talk you through my process and get a feel for how you envisage your special day.

When you are sure that I am right photographer for you, I often also like to do a smaller shoot before the wedding, perhaps an engagement shoot. The Big day is so important and I want you to enjoy it and have my photographs as beautiful lasting memories.

I believe the day is all about the love you both have for each other so you will be my main focus on the day. Each wedding is unique, never the same and each captured in their own special way.

Group Shots

I prefer to catch people naturally, relaxed and enjoying the moment however if there are specific groups you wish to be photographed I’m more than happy to do so.

Portrait Sessions

As I have already mentioned my style is very relaxed, I tell it like a story, documentary style. You are there to enjoy your day and be with your family and friends, so I can either fade into the background with little direction or we can steal you both away from the party for a few more personal photos.

Amount of pictures taken

The amount of photos taken depends entirely on the amount of time I spend with you. I am a great believer in quality not quantity so I will never commit to a certain number of images. I will capture all of the important moments and you in a beautiful unique way. Sometimes if it is a particularly large wedding I may require an assistant.

How long until I get my photos?

You would receive your images on disk or memory stick in around 14-21 days (allowing for delivery). I process each photo individually and take the time to care for them. I make sure each of them are of high quality. I often enjoy editing as soon as I arrive home and can post a few ‘taster’/ ‘Sneak Peeks’ on to my Facebook page to get you excited for whats to come.

Engagements/ Maternity and Family Shoots

I often encourage engagement photo shoots before your wedding day as it gives us a chance to get to know each other. It will also give you a feel of how it is to work with me and be in front of the camera.

I love doing family shoots, I think these are the sorts of things we will always treasure. We would go to one of your favourite locations where you can all feel comfortable and relax. I tend to prefer to shoot outdoors as I love natural light and beautiful surroundings.

Like the family shoots I prefer to shoot maternity sessions outdoors, however of course I want you to be as comfortable as possible. It is a wonderful opportunity to capture the first bond you have with your child in a beautiful and elegant way, whether it is between both parents or just the mother and child.

If you are interested in a personal shoot whether it be for modelling portfolios or you just fancied some ‘feel good’ photos to boost your confidence don’t hesitate to email me and we can have a chat about it.

Cost and Packages

I am very willing to travel to any location, local, distant and abroad. Greater distances will be covered in the quote.

Your wedding photos will be elegantly packaged, provided on a disk or memory stick accompanied by beautiful prints from the day.

If you wish to discuss or book anything with me please drop me an email at:

and lets begin your story………



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